A Typical Vacation Day
for Dogs in the Resort

Rise and Shine! Let's go outside!

Breakfast is served at 8:00 am and each dog is given the opportunity to go outside in the yard for some morning exercise.  Personalized housekeeping services are provided each morning ensuring your pet has a clean room. Your pet will then have access to his or her own private patio all day long. This is when the fun begins and vacation activities ensue! Dogs in the Caribbean Condo Room enjoy the company of their roommates both inside and outside, while guests in the other rooms are intermittently let outside in the big (or small!) play yard to socialize and stretch their legs. This is when we professionally match up play groups for the ultimate play time experience! If your pet is not a fan of other dogs, he or she can enjoy their own private outside time without any other distractions. All the dogs receive a much needed nap time break from 2:00 until 4:30 pm, which is also when the extra Kong treat is given to those who have purchased one of our ultimate Vacation Packages. Dinner is served between 4:30-5:00 pm, and dogs are given their turns to go outside in the yard after their meals have had time to settle. Dogs will have outdoor access and hang-out time until 8:00 pm, when it's time to wrap the day up. Housekeeping services once again add that personalized touch to your pet's room making sure everything is clean and comfortable. Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a potty break before bedtime, outside patio access is closed up to ensure their safety overnight , and everyone is tucked in for the evening with a special treat!

The most important thing to remember is that
Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort is not a kennel. Your pet is not kept in a cage. Instead, he or she stays in a spacious and comfortable room with with access to their very own private outdoor patio.
Another inclusive perk is your dog can enjoy our beautiful,
grass-filled yard, just like at home!

It's the perfect vacation for your dog and the perfect way to put your mind at ease. Our repeated furry guests don't lie...they are excited every time they come and stay at

Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort.

We love all the smiles on our guests' faces!

Sharing time with friends is never wasted!

Play time is always fun!