A Typical Vacation Day
for Cats in the Resort

"Feline" fine at Paws Here Awhile!

Breakfast and hugs are served at 8:00 am and the fun begins! Personalized housekeeping services are provided each morning ensuring your pet has a clean room and litter box. Your cat will then have access to his or her own private patio all day long. During the
mid-morning/early afternoon hours, vacation activities take place.
Cats have the opportunity to bird watch outside from the comfort and safety of their patio, play with toys, sunbathe or just laze around inside and watch TV. Dinner is served between 4:30-5:00 pm.
Around 7:30-8:00 pm, it's time to wrap up the day.
Housekeeping services once again add that personalized touch to your pet's room making sure everything is clean and comfortable. All kitties receive hugs and pets, patio access is closed up to ensure their safety overnight, and they tucked in for the evening with a special treat!

The most important thing to remember is that
Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort is not a kennel.
Your cat is not kept in a cage. Instead, he or she stays in a spacious and comfortable room with access to their very own private outdoor patio.

It's the "purr-fect" vacation for your cat
 & the "purr-fect" way to put your mind at ease.

So relaxing!

So comfy!

So cozy!