Meet the Staff

Meet the Paws Here Awhile Staff

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The Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort Staff
at Sam's Graduation
Penn State Main Campus, December 2015
From left: Sue, Sam, Carolyn, Sue2, & Nikki

Sue 2

Pet Resort Manager

300 Sue R. and Cedo

Sue goes by "Sue 2" because it gets a little confusing with two people named Sue at the Resort!  She has worked at the Resort since 2005 and absolutely has found her job for life.  Sue previously worked at an animal shelter in West Virginia, caring for countless sick homeless pets.  She has a genuine compassion for all pets which makes her a great care taker.  Sue has 3 dogs and lots of cats of her own.  All vacationing pets at the Resort greet her with lots of kisses and tail wags.


Pet Resort Tech Support


Nikki has always had a big heart for animals.  She worked in a corporate environment in the Human Resources Department for 3 years before she decided to leave and join us at the Pet Resort in early Spring 2011. Though she no longer physically works at the Pet Resort, she works behind the scenes by keeping our website up-to-date and monthly newsletters emailed out.  She and her family own 2 dogs, all rescues.


Pet Care Professional


Sam came to the Pet Resort volunteering 30 hours for her Senior Project.  Her motivation and natural ability to care for pets has kept her here after completing her Senior Project and graduating from highschool in 2011!  She has recently graduated from Penn State University with her undergraduate degree in Animal Science.  She literally can do everything at the Pet Resort-- from taking care of our guests to professional grooming!  Sam considers herself lucky to have found us, but the truth is we are lucky to have found her!


Pet Care Professional

Carolyn Biopic

Carolyn joined the Pet Resort team in November of 2013, and we are so fortunate to have her bright smile and pet smarts!  Carolyn has her Bachelors of Science in Biology, and she has worked as an Emergency Vet Technician for over 25 years.  Her love of animals continues to keep her in the pet care field, and that is where she is her happiest.  She currently has 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a variety of small critters that keep her busy at home!


Pet Care Professional

Callie and Blue

Callie started with us when she dedicated her volunteer time starting late 2018.  She quickly became one of the staff members.  With a total passion for animals, Callie has 4 dogs, 1 cat and 2 horses.  Her smiling, happy personality reflects in all she does while caring for all the vacationing pets.  We love having her part of our team! 


Director of Play Department


Griz is a true professional... he knows how to get the party started at the Pet Resort!  Griz's outgoing, play-hard personality is repeatedly introduced to groups of doggies guests who love to get their play drive going.  His high energy burning ways help our guests burn off some energy of their own!  We guarantee your pet will sleep soundly after playtime with Griz.


Activities Director



Bricker is our newest professional addition to Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort, filling in a very important position--Activities Director!  He helped develop and put together the Resort's NEW Vacation Packages.  You can check them out here!  He personally tested each and every one of these packages, and they get his official seal of approval.  Trust Bricker... he knows how to have fun, and he would never steer your pet in the wrong direction!

316 Noll Road
Georgetown, PA 15043

P: 724-573-4665

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