The purr-fect getaway...

Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort offers a true vacation getaway for your pet. With our vacation themed rooms, fenced-in patios, and hands-on staff, your pet will be treated like
family with us.  
Our staff is on the premises from early morning until late evening EVERY DAY, ALL DAY.  Plus, the owner lives 200 yards away from the resort.

A typical day goes like this: Breakfast and hugs are served at 8:00am and outside patio access is opened.  The litter box is scooped and the room is straightened up for the day.
 The cat's patio access is open to him all day long.  During the mid-morning/early afternoon hours, vacation activities take place.  Cats have the opportunity to bird watch outside or just laze around inside.  Dinner is served between 4:30-5pm, and the litter box is scooped once again.  Around 7:30-8pm, it's time to wrap up the day.  Your cat gets a final hug and pet, patio access is closed up, and then he is tucked in for the evening with a treat!

The most important thing to remember is Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort is not a kennel.  Your pet is not kept in a cage.  Instead, he stays in a comfortable room with outdoor access.   

It's the purr-fect vacation for your cat, and the purr-fect way to put your mind at ease.

 Our Vacation Rooms


Cat vacationers enjoy our totally enclosed patios where they can soak up the fresh air, sunshine and bird watching!  Our 6'x8' rooms are for one or multiple cats only from the
 same family.  We provide all the comforts of home with our daily purr sessions, toys, kittie tree, TV, and air conditioning/heating.  

As close to home, away from home, your cat will ever experience!

The added bonus to these rooms are your dog and cat can share a room together!!!  We are one of the only luxury Pet Resort's around that can accommodate both dog and cat in a room together!  We provide a secured area for the litter box and cat food to sit, so your dog can't get to them.  Both dog and cat can enjoy a fantastic vacation together in one of our suites below.

Our Vacation Themed Rooms

  • Raining Dogs & Cats
  • New Zealand Excursion
  • Cape May Vacation


Daily Rates



  • Dog and cat from the same family can room together.  We provide special accomodations to protect the cat's food/litter box.
  • Per day rate.

Vacation Activities

Why not enhance your pet's vacation with us by adding some fun activities to their agenda!?

Extra Petting Sessions
There is no doubt that your pet is loved while staying at the Pet Resort, but maybe you want your loved one to receive extra hugs, pets and kisses during vacation.  Our Extra Petting Sessions gives your pet and one of our staff member's 10 minutes of one-on-one snuggle and scratch time.

Email Blast
Want to see what is going on with your pet while you are away?  Our Email Blast includes a personalized email to you along with 2 pictures of your pet during his vacation stay with us.


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Your Pet's Luggage

We've created a personalized check list for you to print out to help you pack your pet up for his Pet Resort vacation stay!  It's important to make your pet as comfortable as they can be while away from home.  We find these items help out a great deal with that transition.


  • Our kitchen at the Pet Resort is fully stocked with a refrigerator and microwave, so we can meet almost any meal needs.  
  • Due to limited kitchen space, if you can, please do not bring large plastic bins or full, big bags of food.
  • We suggest you put your name on every item you possibly can to help us out when packing up to go home.  
  • We provide all dishes for food and water, as well, so please leave those at home.
  • A litter box and cat litter is provided by the Pet Resort.

Going Home

It's an exciting time!  You are excited to come and pick up your furry loved one!  Your pet is ready to go home and bask in your loving attention.  We want to make sure your cat is looking (and smelling!) his best when he goes home.  A bath at the end of the vacation is much needed after a relaxing vacation at the Pet Resort!



  • If your pet's home medication administration times are different from the Pet Resort's daily operating hours, please give yourself and your pet a minimum of 2 weeks to adjust to a new schedule at home before the vacation stay at the Pet Resort.  We suggest easing into the transition, moving the times slightly every day.  For example, if you normally give your pet his medication at 10:00pm, please gradually move his medication time towards 8:00pm for the Pet Resort stay.  This will make for an easier transition for your pet.
  • Bring your pet out for a tour to feel the Pet Resort out.  We understand leaving your pet anywhere that is not home is stressful- both to you and the cat!  It helps to bring your cat out to our facility and get used to the grounds before the vacation stay.  We also recommend boarding your cat with us for a short stay to ease into the Pet Resort atmosphere.  A lot of customers find this to be extremely helpful.
  • Our staff is fully trained in administering medications to pets.  From pills to shots, we have been trained and fully understand the importance of medications given to animals.  
  • There will be no charge for the departure day for dogs/cats checking out between 9-11:00am.
  • After 6 months of age, cats MUST be spayed/neutered to stay at the Pet Resort.
  • We require a 3 day minimum stay during our peak seasons.


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316 Noll Road
Georgetown, PA 15043

P: 724-573-4665

F: 724-573-0230

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